The second semester in the senior year of the DIA students is the time dedicated for them to collect all their best works and create a 2-min. showreel presentation which they will use as their portfolio for their job application in the animation and visual effects industry.



Angelo Arandela (2015)



Jan Vincent Dela Viña (2013)



Vincent Reyta (2013)



Marvic Factor (2013)



Ena Manondo (2013)



Kim Villas (2012)



Julie Almoneda (2012)



Leticia Bandibas (2011)



Marcelo Muñoz (2011)



Bianca Deterala (2011)



Seki Bacsain (2011)



Peter Gayanilo (2010)



Kirk Pesigan (2009)



Cherelle Consulta (2009)



Ivan Shane Salceda (2008)



Roman Matuguinas (2007)



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