Mission and Vision

Our Mission
In consonance with mission statement of the Ateneo de Naga University, the Department of Digital Arts and Computer Animation commits itself to:

  1. PROVIDE a world class curriculum and the industry-based instruction in digital arts and computer animation.
  2. PRODUCE globally competitive graduates with excellent animation skills and expertise in computer graphics and movie production process; and
  3. PROMOTE the growth and development of the animation industry in the Philippines, especially in Bicol, in order to contribute to the improvement of the lives of Bikolanos and the alleviation of poverty in the region.

Our Vision
At the turn of the next decades, the Department envisions to have:

  1. Attained a prominent status in Bikol region and the whole country as the Premiere Center of Excellence in animation education and as the leading world class graduates who are equipped with superior knowledge and skills in computer animation and digital arts; and
  2. Established long-term linkages with animation and CG industries, education, entertainment, and advertising sectors, and various media outlets, both local and international, through pioneering projects, academic undertakings, research, and joint creative endeavors.