Animated TV Commercial

An individual production for seniors to produce an eye-catching 30 seconder Animated TV Commercial.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (2013)

by Agnas



Monster Energy Drink (2013)

by D. Dancian



Lego (2013)

by J. Atilano



ASUS G750 (2013)

by V. Reyta



Protect Animal Rights Advocacy (2012)

by E. Hidalgo



Tunog Natin Advocacy (2012)

by T. Yucamco



Colgate (2012)

by J. Picaso



Diatabs (2012)

by E. Menes



Crayola (2012)

by N. Saberon



Save Animal Home (2011)

by L. Reorizo



Cherifer (2011)

by J.C. Dandal



Nintendo DS-Lite (2010)

by P. Gayanilo



Close-Up (2010)

by M. Muñoz



Lexus (2006)

by I.S. Salceda



Coke (2005)

by R. Matuguinas



Power Mac G5 (2005)

by J.M. Vitorio



Crayola (2004)

by C.I.R Ceres

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