Animated Music Videos

An individual work for seniors to showcase lip-synchronization & body movement of a 3D character through a story integrated in a portion of the music to produce an entertaining animated music video.

DJ Bombay (2013)

by H. Ochoa



Seksi Seksi (2013)

by J. Atilano



Kumot at Unan (2013)

by V. Reyta



Ulan (2012)

by M. Hidalgo



The A Team (2012)

by L. Bernardo



Macho (2012)

by R. Marzan



Quando, Quando, Quando (2012)

by M. Factor



Dream (2011)

by MJ. Dejumo



Upuan (2010)

by M. Romero



New Soul (2010)

by D. Baracena



Yugto (2009)

by J. Sta. Clara



Safe & Sound (2009)

by P. Gayanilo



Some Say (2008)

by R.V. Tapel



Dance With My Father (2008)

by J. Ong



Pop (2005)

By. V. Francisco


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